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Kick-a-palooza #3!
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May 4-6
Virginia Beach KOA
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Kickball League of Hampton Roads

A better way to play.

"There's other local adult kickball leagues - why should I play in KLOHR?"

  • We strive to give you the most for your money, both on and off the field. Our player fees are routinely the lowest in the area and we spend more money on throwing great events and parties than anyone else around.
  • We are more likely to recruit at the bar than at the field. Generally speaking, we're socialites that like to be athletic from time to time, not athletes that like to be social from time to time. And we're always looking for new friends.
  • We set up our rules to give everyone the best chance to kick the ball as many times as possible. We play seven innings (and kick more) in the same time other leagues play only five innings. Plus, there's no bunting allowed - it's kickball after all.
  • We have paid American Softball Association (ASA) umpires at each and every game. League members should not have to umpire games for other teams - they should be at the bar!
  • We have lines measured and painted each week on every field we use, so our playing fields are always consistent (no odd shapes) and it's always easy to see where to run and play - a pleasant upgrade from the elementary school playground.
  • We let each captain organize their team how they see fit and don't ever force random people onto your team. If you need more players, we'll do our best to find you some, but if you don't, we'll leave you be.
  • We enforce a strict limit on the number of teams at any one location (based on available space) so that you always play the number of games promised and don't have to play long into the night. We want everyone to have fun, not lose sleep!
  • We have fun. In fact, that's our primary goal. There's no stress over qualifying for playoffs or some national tournament - every team qualifies for our local post-season tournaments and has the chance to get their name added to our league trophy, the Elizabeth River Cup.
  • We are both socially and philanthropically active in our local community. We regularly host social events in our community to support our local teams, restaurants, and businesses. We also organize seasonal fundraisers, campaigns, and service events to support worthy non-profit charities based right here in Hampton Roads. Even with a very slim profit margin, we've still managed in the course of our history to find ways to donate thousands of dollars to local charities. And man, does that feel good!
  • We are a legitimate registered business. We have a business license. We have business insurance. We report our revenue and expenses and pay our taxes. And we've done it all in hopes that we've established ourselves in such a way as to keep kickball alive and running in Hampton Roads for as long as the citizens of this region want to keep playing.
  • We have zero ambition to create a "social sports empire". We have no full-time staff because this was always meant to be something we did for fun after our normal (boring) work was done for the day. We simply want to bring the joy and fun of adult kickball to as many people as possible in our local area.
  • We are locally founded and operated. We live and work here in the local community right alongside our players. If you have questions or concerns, we're always just around the corner.

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