About the Kickball League of Hampton Roads (KLOHR)

The Kickball League of Hampton Roads was founded in April 2009 by local entrepreneur Scott Guirlinger. We'd heard from friends about the Kickball League of Baltimore and thought it would be fun to bring their style of kickball to Norfolk. When we started in the spring of 2009 with six teams, we were the smallest adult kickball league in the Hampton Roads area. We are proud to say that the league has grown tremendously since we first started. The Kickball League of Hampton Roads now plays on several different days of the week in the spring, summer, and fall seasons and has grown from our original six teams in Ghent to nearly 100 teams covering the Peninsula and the Southside. Thanks to sponsorship from all of our local bar sponsors, the Kickball League of Hampton Roads will continue to bring the fun of kickball to adults in southeastern Virginia!

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Read more about our style of social play at:
Kickball League of Hampton Roads: A better way to play

Field Locations

Staff Directory


Klaus Gaba (Corporate)

Scott Guirlinger (Norfolk/Portsmouth)

Matt Hartl (Winter)

Rachael O'Donnell (Hampton/Newport News)

Heather Johnson (Chesapeake)

Sean Rooney (Virginia Beach)

Mickey Trautz (Portsmouth)

Field Leaders:

Cory Hirsch (Newport News)

Dave Callahan (Norfolk-Thursday)

Tierney Mitchell (Norfolk-Thursday)

Richard Brammer (Norfolk-Friday)

Mike Crossman (Virginia Beach)


Nikko Kabigting

Community Service Coordinators:

Whitney Weireter

Pamela Davis

Kick-A-Palooza Event Staff:

Andrew Cansino

Tierney Mitchell

Jeff Phelps

Mike Phillips

Want to help out? The league has several paid and volunteer positions available:
KLOHR Job Listings

Our Parent Organization: